Tehran and Shanghai signed a memorandum of understanding on stock exchange aimed at expanding bilateral cooperation.

Iran Press/Asia: Signed in China, the MoU included bilateral cooperation on holding training courses, foreign investment, developing funds and bonds, expanding trade and supervisory infrastructures, upgrading corporative strategy structures, internal controls, information disclosure, as well as conducting research projects.

Following the signing of the MoU, the Iranian delegation invited the officials of the Shanghai's Stock Exchange to pay an official visit to the Tehran Stock Exchange.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange is valued at more than $ 4.5 trillion (October 2) which makes China's largest securities and exchange market, and the world's fourth-largest stock exchange after New York, Nasdaq and the Japan Stock Exchange group.

Nearly 1,600 companies have been admitted to the stock exchange, with an average monthly turnover of approximately $ 500 billion last year (2018).


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