Kashan is city in Isfahan's province that shines radiantly among Iranian cities.

Iran PressIran news: Kashan is one of the cities located in Isfahan province which due to a variety of tourist attractions, is of great importance in the tourism industry and every year many enthusiasts travel to this city to visit the sights and attractions of this ancient Iranian city.

This historic city of Iran is well-known for its magnificent old houses that symbolize authentic Iranian and Islamic architecture. Kashan is one of the leading hubs of Iranian handmade carpets and is justly famous for its carpets. The architecture of the old markets, alleys and streets of Kashan is still seen as the traditional architecture so well suited and characteristic of this desert region.

Some of the old, grand houses in Kashan have now been refurbished and converted into accommodation suitable for tourists wishing to stay in Kashan. Both Iranian and non-Iranian tourists visit this great city to experience traditional Iranian hospitality and wonderful local cuisine. 207/219


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