A group of UNESCO experts are scheduled to visit Uraman region rural district in Western Iran to assess its claims for listing the beautiful historical region as a world heritage site.

Iran Press/Iran news: "The file to inscribe Uraman on UNESCO's World Heritage List has recently been submitted to the UN cultural body," The governor of the western province of Kermanshah Hooshang Bazvand said on Saturday.

Saying that UNESCO has already agreed with the case of Uraman, Bazvand announced that the UNESCO experts are expected to pay a visit to the region to finalize the work of putting it on UNESCO's World Heritage Sites List, reported Iran Press.

The provincial governor pointed out that tourism can play a significant role in the economic development of the western province, adding that Uraman region is a natural region untouched by humans with a lot of beautiful scenery that can help the tourism industry in western Iran blossom.

The development of the tourism industry can, in turn, clear the way for economic development in the entire province, according to him. 101/211

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