Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said we have always said that Tehran is ready to talk to its neighbours, including Saudi Arabia, to solve disputes.

Iran Press/Iran news: Mousavi noted the second visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to Iran and the possibility of Khan mediating between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

He said: "I'm not informed about this mediation effort and we should wait and see what subjects will be discussed, but naturally regional development and issues will be discussed between Pakistan prime minister and Iranian officials," Iran Press reported.

The Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan will visit Iran on Sunday 13 October for talk with senior officials.

This visit will be done in the framework of close and friendly cooperation between the two countries and Imran Khan will meet with President Hassan Rouhani and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Foreign Ministry spokesman reiterated.

Commenting on possible talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said: "Iran is ready to talk to all neighbouring countries to stop foreign meddling and interference in the affairs of this region."

He added: "We also present an initiative for peace in the region. We always welcome plans for peace in the region and if the Pakistani prime minister has any plans for peace talks we will welcome that and certainly hear him out."


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