Foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said America's economic war against Iran is targeting the health and well-being of the Iranian people.

Iran Press/Iran news: Referring to the conditions of the global economy, foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif noted: "The integration of economies in the world has provided the context for the US government to be the world's largest economy with about a quarter of the global economy's capacity and superior financial market conditions and the power to influence other behaviors."

The minister made the remarks in the International Conference on World Economy and Sanctions at Al-Zahra University, according to Iran Press.

The country takes advantage of its superiority to exert pressure on independent countries such as Iran, China, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela, and so on, foreign minister Zarif noted.

Zarif emphasized that although some developments show that excessive use of economic power tools such as the dollar would reduce that power, and the US is now using it internationally, noting: "Financial and economic tools or turning economy and dollar into a weapon of war has become a wartime term common in international literature."

"These weapons were once restricted to certain activities in some countries, but the new US weapons are what US President Donald Trump officially refers to as economic war, targeting the livelihoods and health of ordinary people," the high ranking official stated.

Iranian Foreign Minister also added that the vigilance of the Iraqi people prevents their legitimate grievances acknowledged by the country's government from being exploited by others.

"We believe that the Iraqi people own this country and that their rights must be respected,” said Iranian Foreign Minister.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran’s officials believe that the Iraqi people are vigilant and will not allow others to abuse their legitimate grievances, which the Iraqi government has also recognized,” he added.

Following the intensification of unrest on Tuesday, 1 October, Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi invited all Iraqi people to calm down and refrain from giving the opportunity to those who intend to plunge Iraq into turmoil and insecurity and emphasized the need for maintaining peace and stability in the country.


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