Iraq\\\'s parliament speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi

Iraq's parliament speaker said on Sunday that the government has made decisions to improve employment and people's economic conditions.

Iran Press/Middle East: Mohamed al-Halbousi said, after meeting with Iraqi protesters at a news conference, that the Iraqi government intends to grant interest-free loans to people without housing.

The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament also announced the decision of the Iraqi government to build 100 thousand housing units.

"All Iraqi farmers will be exempt from paying land rent fees until 2020," he said, stressing support for the Iraqi agricultural sector as one of the priorities of the Iraqi parliament.

President Barham Saleh and Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi have tasked al-Halbousi with negotiating with representatives of Iraqi protesters and addressing their demands.

Some Iraqi cities, including Baghdad, have witnessed protests since last Tuesday against corruption, with protesters angry about a lack of seriousness to fight corruption and unemployment by the Iraqi government.

Iraqi Prime Minister has promised the protesters to respond to their legitimate demands.


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