Lebanon's Hezbollah movement strongly condemned the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's announcement of his intention to Judaize the Jordan Valley and large areas of the West Bank.

Iran Press/Middle East: In a statement on Wednesday, Hezbollah said, "the decision is an aggression against the Palestinian people who have the full right to resist any aggression on their land or the capabilities of their country."

Hezbollah also indicated that this declaration comes following a series of Arab countries' positions in support of the enemy's entity which have granted it the right to assault the Arab peoples in Lebanon and Palestine, NNA reported.

The statement added that the normalization steps and the Persian Gulf Arab countries' endeavors to build alliances with the enemy, have provided an opportunity for Netanyahu to nibble more Arab lands, after his previous declarations of annexing Al Quds Al Sharif and large parts of the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

The Party also stressed that all Israeli Judaic steps are null measures to be countered and thwarted by the Palestinian people, as they have thwarted the alleged "Deal of the Century."

"Palestine as a whole is a right of the Palestinian people and this right will not change no matter what the enemy does," statement concluded.


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