Gorgan (IP) - The interim Friday prayer leader of Tehran said the stance of Iran's Leader in the Islamic world is unity among Muslims.

Iran Press/ Iran news: Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabi Fard expressed that one of the most important factors of unity among the Shiite and Sunnis in the Muslim world is the clear positions of Iran's Leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press news agency on the sideline of the 'Sunni and Shiite Sadat gathering' in the city of Gorgan, the capital city of Northern Golestan province, Aboutorabi Fard said: "The Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran has a prominent role in the unity of Muslims."

"The present unity among the brothers and sisters of Shia and Sunni in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and the whole world is because of the Islamic scholar's efforts," Aboutorabi Fard added.

He reiterated: "The Islamic scholars provided a platform for unity and cohesion in the Muslim world through explaining the religious teachings."

Sunni and Shiite Sadat gathering with the title 'Lasting Generation' was held in attendance of some prominent religious figures including Hojjatol Islam Aboutorabi Fard and the representative of the Leader Seyyed Kazem Nourmofidi was held in Golestan province.





The interim Friday prayer leader of Tehran, Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabi Fard