The Chief of Staff of Iranian president Mahmoud Vaezi said on Wednesday that Tehran supports Russia's plan of collective security in the Persian Gulf.

Iran Press/ Iran news: Pointing to Russia's plan which is to be submitted to the UN, called 'Russia's Doctrine', the chief of staff of Iranian president Mahmoud Vaezi said that Iran supports such a plan in the Persian Gulf to provide the security of the Persian Gulf by regional countries.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Wednesday, Vaezi said: "Russia's plan is a plan that has been among the Islamic Republic policies from the beginning of the revolution. We have always emphasized that the Persian Gulf should be secure and this security should be provided by the regional countries."

"If Russia presents this plan to the UN, we would support it, because one of our dreams is that no foreign forces should be present in this region, but it is a little hard in practice," Vaezi added. 101/211/207

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