Tehran (IP) - Secretary-General of Habilian Association, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad described the Mersad operation as a quagmire for MKO operatives.

Iran Press/ Iran news: Secretary-General of the Habilian Association, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad said that the aim of the MKO members to enter Iran was to conquer the west of Iran.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Hasheminejad said: "In the year 1988 MKO operatives carried out a large-scale operation, aiming to conquer the border cities in the west of Iran including Kermanshah. They thought that Iranian people are tired of war and because of the 8-year-imposed war, they are not able to confront them, so they thought they could  hit Iran with the Help of Saddam."

He continued: "The MKO members enjoying the facilities that Saddam had provided them, waged a large-scale war in Iran's western regions.

However; Mersad Operation was the last major military operation of the Iran–Iraq War, ending in a decisive victory for Iran. The operation involved a successful counterattack against the military incursion from Iraq, by a military force of about 7,000 members of the MKO.


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