Tehran (IP) - Kenya's ambassador in Tehran, referring to the high balance of Iranian business and trade, said: "We are looking forward to Iran helping us to transfer technology to Kenya."

Iran Press/Iran newsThe ambassador of the Republic of Kenya, H.E Rukia Ahmed Subow, referring to more than 20 African embassies in Tehran, Iran, pointed out that it showed a good relationship between African nations and the Islamic Republic, as well as good relations between Iran and the African Union. 

The ambassador added in an exclusive interview with Iran Press: "I can only talk about Kenya, not other countries, I think the Iranian business and trading balance is better and higher than Kenya.  What we need in Kenya mostly is, we have good infrastructure technology from Iran most importantly for our young people who are interested in technology, we are looking forward to Iran helping us transfer its technology to Kenya."

Rukia Ahmed Subow went on to add: "African nations still do trade with Iran and with those countries who have good relations with Iran." 101/211/218