Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister and chief nuclear negotiator Abbas Araghchi has said Iran does not count on any specific country, let alone the Europeans or INSTEX.

Iran Press/Iran news: Responding to Iran press correspondent's question about INSTEX (Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges) and the possibility of not benefiting from it by selling oil, Seyyed Abbas Araghchi said: "Islamic Republic does not count on any specific country, let alone Europeans and INSTEX."

 "We will definitely not let the US achieves its goals by using its maximum pressures strategy. We will dash the hopes of the US [administration], we will disappoint them", he responded to an Iran Press correspondent's question at a news conference in Tehran.

Araghchi pointedly added: "Like before when we made the US desperate and forced it to come to the negotiating table, this time we shall do the same. We will weather US sanctions by relying on the Iranian people, forces and our economy."

 Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister noted: "Under sanctions, we use any opportunity which is to our benefit. We shall not put all our hopes on INSTEX, if it becomes operational, and if it helps us a little bit, we shall use it." 

Abbas Araghchi added: "During the US economic war against Iran, we use any channel that can help us. The main channels that Iran's foreign ministry has opened is through Russia, China, Turkey, India, and our neighbouring countries. We are in communication with our trading partners and we have recommended to them to use regional currencies. There are many initiatives, one of them is related to the EU and the other one is related to INSTEX."

 Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister added: "We will resist US pressure. The Islamic Republic has gained legitimacy and dignity in the world because we decently engaged in international dialogue, signed the nuclear agreement with decency and then put it into action," he noted.

"Even when Iran's benefits from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) stayed at the lowest degree, the Islamic Republic stayed committed to the agreement," Abbas Araghchi added.

"We have created some opportunities with our strategic patience. Countries which have relations with Iran are trying to lessen the effects of the US sanctions," Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister concluded.   203/211/201

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