Protesters in south Korean capital march to oppose US President Donald Trump visit in Seoul on Saturday, like his past visit in 2017 which faced with south Korean anger.

Iran Press/Asia: It’s not unusual for Trump to encounter demonstrations when he travels overseas and in South Korea, where he arrived Saturday for his second visit as president, there was no exception.

Trump after G20 Summit in Osaka, departed Japan to south Korea for an official visit and a special offer to northern neighbour leader Kim Jong Un to meet in Demilitarized Zone(DMZ),Yonhap reported.

In south Korea there is frequent protests by South Korean calling for Washington to relax sanctions on North Korea and allow Seoul to expand economic cooperation with Pyongyang.

In Seoul, Trump’s met with President Moon Jae-in at the Blue House, where the South Korean leader has his offices and home.

Trump did not say still whether he’ll meet North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un on Sunday at the heavily fortified South Korean-North Korean border known as the DMZ.

If happens, it would be his third meeting with Kim, a remarkable fact, given that as a presidential candidate Trump once mused about having Kim assassinated and later threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea.

Now, Trump says he is “in love” with Kim and regularly exchanges personal letters with the North Korean leader.

Trump’s frequent criticism of South Korea as a freeloading US ally, as well as his unorthodox and inconstant approach to North Korea, provide a unique challenge to US-South Korea ties.

Polls suggest South Koreans are less supportive of Trump than past presidents. 101/205

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