Yemenis held a mass rally on Friday, on the occasion of the anniversary of the protests of 'shouting over the arrogant'.

Iran Press/Middle East: People thronged the streets of different Yemeni cities on Friday, waving the red, white and black national colours and chanted slogans against Saudi Arabia, that has waged a deadly four-and-a-half year long war on the country. The demonstrators also chanted slogans against the United States, which supplies massive amounts of deadly and sophisticated weaponry to Saudi Arabia.

During the rallies, the Yemenis held signs condemning crimes committed by Saudi Arabia and its mercenaries in Yemen, urging the regime in Riyadh to end its bloody war, Iran Press reported.

They demanded an end to US support for the Saudi-led military coalition which is waging a savage war in Yemen.

Condemning Donald Trump's so-called 'deal of the century', protesters also reiterated their country's support for Palestine in the face of Israeli occupation.

Saudi Arabia and its allies launched the brutal war against Yemen in an attempt to reinstall the country's former regime and crush the Houthi Ansarullah movement.

The Western-backed imposed war, however, has so far failed to achieve its stated goals, thanks to the courage and resistance of the Yemeni army and allied Houthi fighters. 101/211

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