The UNICEF Representative in Iran stressed that the United Nations will continue to support Iran, making sure that the most vulnerable in the country are not harmed by America's unilateral sanctions against Tehran.

Iran Press /Iran news: Will Parks in an interview with Iran Press on Sunday said: "The UN has special rapporteur on coercive measures and that special rapporteur made it clear that the UN wanted all the parties to the nuclear deal, the JCPOA, to stick with it when the US government withdrew its support for that agreement."

He went on to add: "The UN has made it very clear that they disapprove of that withdrawal and see the sanctions on Iran as extremely harsh and the UN, particularly UNICEF, has been working with different government ministries in Iran to help the government to protect the most vulnerable in society, that is through a series of interventions that we have already proposed to the government, such as monitoring the situation in very vulnerable parts of the country, supporting the social welfare and protection programs, and also optimizing the investments that are being made in education and healthcare sectors." 

The UNICEF representative in Iran added: "The UN will continue to support Iran's government." 


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