Prominent Iraqi cleric, Seyyed Ammar Hakim has said that his country would not remain silent or impartial in the face of US increasing pressure and sanctions against Iran.

Iran Press/Middle East: Leader of the National Wisdom Movement of Iraq in the sermons of Eid al-Fitr prayer on Wednesday emphasized that Iraq due to its geopolitical position, which lies at the heart of the conflict between Iran and the US, must play a leading role in resolving crises.

The high-profile Iraqi figure rejected the US unilateral sanctions against Iran and said Iraq must prioritize its own most important interests and national security in line with its independent national policy, IRNA reported.

"If regional countries seek to safeguard stability, security and peace, then they have to make their interests and national security meet at one certain point," Hakim added.

Stating the pains that the Iraqi people have endured, from long-term wars, economic blockade, invasion and occupation, terrorism and organized extremism, Hakim said people should use those experiences for choosing opportunities in the interests of Iraq.

Hakim condemned US unilateral sanction policy against the "Muslim and brotherly nation of Iran" and said "We, more than any other nation, have experienced sanctions in the 1990s."

The Iraqi cleric emphasized that Iraq will maintain its authority and independence in national decision-making, and not allow any irresponsible internal affairs. Internal integration is a national priority and the main reason for success of Iraq's moderate foreign policy.


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