IRIB World Service chief: Google imposes media dictatorship

The Head of the IRIB World Service has emphasized that Google's action against IRIB World Service is a form of media dictatorship.

Iran Press/Iran news: Responding to blocking of Iran Press news agency, Press TV and Hispan TV's accounts in YouTube, the Head of the IRIB World Service, Peyman Jebelli said that it is not the first time that such incidents happened for IRIB World Service channels but this time it was without any prior warning.

He made the remarks in an exclusive interview with IRNA on Saturday, Iran Press reported.

"Even the accounts of people who are working with IRIB World Service are blocked so this action is against all cyberspace related international laws and regulations," the Head of the IRIB World Service noted.

"These kinds of actions have been done by those media that pretend to be the defender of freedom of speech. Definitely, these media are under the US ruling and are controlled by it," he added.

Saying that we do our best to solve the problem and also to survey the infrastructures in order to resume cyber activities, Jebelli noted: "These kinds of actions have no place in freedom of the press and it can be described as a form of media dictatorship."

On Apr. 19, Google disabled 'Iran Press' YouTube account without prior warning as well as the YouTube accounts of two other well-known Iranian television channels, 'Press TV' and 'Hispan TV'.

The YouTube channels are open to public view for now, but the administrators cannot publish any new content.

Google has so far refused to provide any explanation for disabling the accounts.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) said a coordinated move to block its channels on social media platforms amounts to a clear example of censorship.



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