Islamabad (IP)- A condolence and prayer ceremony was held for the late Iranian President Martyred Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, and their companions at the Grand Mosque of the federal capital.

Iran Press/Asia: Local citizens, who equally shared the grief of their Iranian brothers, participated in large numbers and paid tribute to the late Iranian martyrs. Well-known scholars and poets nationwide also participated in the condolence program and paid homage to the martyrs. Pakistani Poet Ali Abidi, in his unique style, praised the great personalities who were martyred in the helicopter crash, and eminent scholars delivered condolence messages.

Addressing the audience on this occasion, the scholars said that it was Syed Ibrahim Raisi who fearlessly became the voice of the oppressed of the world and stood up against the oppressors. The speakers said that the martyrdom of the great soldier of the Supreme Leader proved that he was a figure following Imam Hussain's (A.S) path without any fear.

The ambassador of Iran, Reza Amiri Moghadam said on the occasion that such ceremonies are blessed in which the good deeds of the departed souls are remembered and prayed for and their souls rest in peace with higher ranks. Senator Allama Raja Nasir Abbas, head of Majlis Wahdat al-Muslimeen, said that the teachings of Imam Khomeini (R.A) and the Supreme Leader made Seyed Ebrahimi Raisi a person who became a strong wall against oppression, not only in Palestine but anywhere in the world he was there for the weak communities. He added that the oppressed called out these men for help, responding bravery and helping made his name unforgettable in history.

Talking to Iran Press, Iran's Ambassador Reza Amiri Moghadam said that the holding of condolence programs for Syed Ibrahim Raisi, Hussain Amir Abdullahian and other martyrs in every city of Pakistan proves how much Pakistani people love them, especially when the late President Raisi came to Pakistan and addressed his Pakistani brothers. The Ambassador added that we are thankful to our Pakistani brothers for being with us in this hour of sorrow.