MFA SPOX: Child-killing Israeli regime can not scape decline

Tehran(IP) - Reacting to the martyrdom of 15 Palestinian children in the recent attack of the Zionist regime on Gaza, the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the child-killing Israeli regime could not avoid its decadence by killing Palestinian children.

Iran PressIran news: The Zionist regime's army started its air and artillery attacks on different areas of the Gaza Strip on Friday evening, as a result of which 45 people, including 15 children and two women, were martyred.

More than 360 people have been injured, of whom 96 are children, 30 are women, and 12 are elderly.

According to Iran Press, Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Nasser Kanaani wrote on his Twitter page that the child-killing Israeli regime cannot escape its inevitable fate of failure and decline by killing innocent children.

Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman emphasized: "Undoubtedly, the brothers and sisters of these children will see the freedom of their homeland from the cruel invaders in the near future."

In response to the criminal attacks of the Zionist regime, the Palestinian resistance groups targeted Zionist cities and towns in the occupied territories with hundreds of rockets, especially Tel Aviv and Ben-Gurion Airport, and 60 Zionists were taken to the hospital as a result of these attacks.

Finally, the ceasefire agreement between the Zionist regime and the Islamic Jihad movement came into effect on Monday morning with the mediation of Egypt.


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MFA SPOX: Child-killing Israeli regime can not scape decline
MFA SPOX: Child-killing Israeli regime can not scape decline