Tehran (IP) - In Iran, due to terrorist groups' activities and border threats, there has always been a need to create different levels of protection for vehicles carrying military and border guards.

Iran PressIran news: The existence and use of armored vehicles are necessary due to the wide range of threats, from criminal gangs and organized trafficking to terrorist groups in border areas. This necessity and need have led to the design and production of different armored vehicles with various facilities and dimensions, including the "Caracal" armored vehicle. 

Specifications and features:

Caracal armored vehicle with a weight of 5 tons and a carrying capacity of 6 passengers in two rows of 3 people can install a turret 30 cm high. Caracal is 570 cm long, 230 cm wide and 240 cm high to the ceiling, and 270 cm high to the top of the turret.

A water-cooled 140-horsepower four-cylinder engine powers the Caracal armored vehicle, producing a ratio of 28 hp per tonne.

The gearbox of this car is 5-speed. Caracal can cover a distance of 500 km with one refueling. The maximum speed of this car is 100 km/h, and the ability to move on a longitudinal slope of 60% and a transverse slope of 30% and crossing obstacles up to a height of 43 cm are other features.

This car has a "BR 6" (7.62 lead bullet repellent). Of course, this car does not have inadequate protection, and its underlayment is not resistant to explosive traps, so it is mainly used for patrol and quick reaction.

On the turret of the Caracal armored vehicle, all kinds of light and semi-heavy weapons such as 12.7 mm cannon can be installed, and five hatches have been installed for shooting from inside the car.

It is possible to use flat tires and various cooling and heating systems suitable for this car at the customer's request. There is also a peripheral camera for the driver and commander in this car. 

Caracal has a high level of mobility and uses the tires of the German company Continental. In general, compared to the Amur Storm or Kia, this armored vehicle has an acceptable build quality. 


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