In his remarks on Friday, the US President tried to pin falling stocks and rising prices on the Russian President and the war in Ukraine.

Iran PressAmerica: In remarks Friday, President Joe Biden tried to pin falling stocks and rising prices on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his war in Ukraine. But polling shows not all Americans are buying it.

Joe Biden assured Americans that inflation remains his top priority, after price increases unexpectedly hit a new 40-year high last month, but again sought to blame his biggest political liability on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Without mentioning what measures his administration is taking to lower prices, Biden insisted that America must "address these high prices, and urgently, for working folks."

The Labor Department said Tuesday that the consumer price index – which measures a bevy of goods including gasoline, health care, groceries, and rents — rose 8.5% in March from a year ago, the fastest pace since December 1981, when inflation hit 8.9%. Prices jumped 1.2% in the one-month period from February, the largest month-to-month jump since 2005. 219