Tehran (IP) - The commander of IRGC at the unveiling ceremony of a missile base at the Persian Gulf coast, said: "Our logic is to become stronger to defend the territorial integrity, independence of the country and the achievements of the Islamic Revolution."

Iran PressAmerica: Speaking on the sidelines of the unveiling of one of the IRGC naval missile bases on the shores of the Persian Gulf on Friday, Major General Hossein Salami, Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), said: "We believe that our enemies do not accept the power of logic, but rely on the logic of power, so to avoid imposing the hegemonic will and their plan, there is no other way for us than to strengthen the defensive and offensive deterrent power."

The IRGC commander announced this complex as one of the strategic naval missile storage facilities of the IRGC and said: "What you see today in this complex is one of several strategic naval missile launching facilities of the IRGC, in which we see a column of missiles and their launching systems.

Major General Salami emphasized: "These missiles with a range of hundreds of kilometers, with the ability to hit targets very accurately, with very high destructive power, and are able to pass through the enemy's electronic warfare equipment."

Emphasizing that technological advances in the IRGC navy, as a strategic force, are very acceptable in terms of quantity and quality, Major General Salami added: "In this powerful force, at the level of information systems, discover goals and search systems, great progress has been made, as well as radar systems connected to the missile system."

In the end, the IRGC Chief Commander stated that at any moment, Islam's fighters will defend the vital interests of the great nation of Iran strongly in the waters of the Persian Gulf and beyond.


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