Tehran (IP) – On November 6, 2022, in the presence of the Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier-General Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani, the Commander of Iran's Army Air Defense Force Brigadier-General Ali-Reza Sabahi-Fard, the upgraded Bavar-373 air defense system equipped with the Sayyad 4B missile was unveiled.

Iran PressIran News: The test of Bavar-373 against long-range static targets was successfully carried out with the Sayyad 4B long-range missile. In this test, the optimized radar of the system detected the stationary target at a range of more than 450 km and tracked it at a range of about 405 km and annihilated it at a range of over 300 km.

At the unveiling ceremony, Iran's Defense Minister, Brigadier-General Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani, stated: "The Bavar-373 system, in order to deal with long-range static air targets, ballistic missiles and all kinds of fighter and bomber planes, succeeded in hitting the desired target at a range of 305 kilometers."

He noted that the system could engage with 6 targets and destroy them.

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Components and specifications

The Bavar-373 air defense system consists of several main parts, including a command and fire control center, target tracking radar, target detection and identification radar, and launchers. Also, a battalion of Bavar-373 system includes a Me'raj-4 radar, a detector radar, a tracking radar, six dual fire bombs, a command post and a generator device.

Sayyad 2, 3, 4, and 4B missiles are the missiles used in this air defense system and can destroy specified targets at an altitude of 32 km and a range of 306 km. Me'raj phased array fire control radar is used to guide the missiles of this system toward the targets. The system's optimized radar can simultaneously detect 300 targets at a distance of more than 450 km, and its tracking range has been increased to 405 km.

The advantage of the Bavar-373 air defense system compared to its foreign counterparts is that it can intercept 100 targets at a range of 405 kilometers. While the Russian S-300 system is only able to intercept 12 targets at a range of less than 200 km, and the S-400 system is also capable of intercepting 36 targets.

Another feature of this system is the ability to target nine targets simultaneously. However, the Russian S-300 and American Patriot systems can target six and eight targets, respectively.

This system can also effectively deal with all kinds of cruise missiles and helicopters and can operate in environments contaminated with chemicals, radioactive radiation and environments contaminated with microbial substances.

Another feature of the Bavar-373 upgraded air defense system is the ability to connect to the network and receive and analyze information.

It also has a Thrust Vector Control (TVC) system.


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