The Barcelona city council on Friday approved a declaration suspending relations with Israeli regime until there is a permanent cease-fire in Gaza and the country respects the basic rights of the Palestinian people.

Iran PressEurope: This is not the first time Barcelona has cut ties with Israel.

In February 2023, then-Mayor Ada Colau suspended the city’s relationship with Israel and the twin city agreement with Tel Aviv.

However, during elections this summer, Colau lost her position to the socialist candidate Jaume Collboni. In September, he restored diplomatic ties with Israel and the twin city agreement with Tel Aviv.

Friday’s declaration was put forward by Colau’s far-left Barcelona en Comun party and backed by Collboni’s Socialist Party, as well as the left-wing separatist party ERC.

The declaration condemns all attacks on the civilian population, both by Hamas and Israel, as well as “any collective punishment, forced displacement, systematic destruction of homes and civil infrastructure as well as the blockade of energy, water, food, and medical supplies to the population of the Gaza Strip.

According to Barcelona’s approved statement, the main obstacles to long-lasting peace are “the occupation and colonization of Palestinian territories,” and the “denial of rights” to the people.


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