Mar 30, 2020 19:10 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 30, 2020 14:23 Asia/Tehran]
  • The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to China, Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh
    The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to China, Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to China noted that technically speaking, the US sanctions exempt humanitarian goods, but the reality is different.

Iran PressIran News: In an article published on Global Times, Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh said that the international community accepted that the unlawful US sanctions have drained Iran's economic resources and impaired its ability to fight COVID-19.

Keshavarzzadeh said: "Due to the sanctions Iran has been unable to purchase medical equipment and medicine even from European companies for the European banks' fear of sanctioned by the US."

"Despite the deceitful statement by the US Treasury that its sanctions do not prohibit humanitarian contributions to Iran intended to ease difficulties caused by the coronavirus, the Trump administration said it would not offer sanctions relief to Iran amid the deadly coronavirus outbreak, and in the latest development, the US recently imposed new sanctions for doing business with Iran," he said. 

Still, he appreciated China’s support of Iran and welcome its stance in this regard outlined by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang. 

"We urge the US to immediately lift unilateral sanctions on Iran. Continued sanctions are against humanitarianism and hamper Iran's epidemic response and delivery of humanitarian aid by the UN and other organizations," he quoted Geng’s sayings at a news conference.

The Iranian diplomat stressed the unity of the world to fight the corona pandemic and noted that the failure of one will lead to the failure of all, calling on the international community to stand up to the US' unlawful and inhumane bullying. 

Keshavarzzadeh warned that the sanctions will turn to genocide against Iran if the international community succumbs to US bullying.

Iran’s envoy to China expressed that his country will never forget such friends China, who stood by Iran during the tough times of Coronavirus and will compare it with the hypocritical behavior of the US.


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