Tehran (IP) - Tehran's Friday Prayer leader says the world's arrogant powers will be avenged for their assassination of the people in Shiraz.

Iran PressIran news: An armed attack by an assailant member of the ISIS terrorist group on Wednesday on Shah Cheragh, the holy shrine of Hazrat Ahmad bin Musa (AS), in the city of Shiraz, the capital of Fars Province, southern Iran, led to the martyrdom of 15 people, including two children, and the wounding of 27 pilgrims.

Daesh, or the so-called ISIS terrorist group, claimed the responsibility for the terrorist attack. Hojjatoleslam Haj-Ali-Akbari said in the Friday Prayer's sermons on October 28 that the catastrophe would not be compensated but through the inspections to find the perpetrators and organizers of the crime and toughly punish them. 

He said that the enemies were seeking to generate insecurity in Iran and transform the Iranian identity. 

Through the latter, the cleric said that the arrogant powers sought to undermine the will of the Iranian people and weaken the next generation's belief in protecting Iran, and through the former, they were trying to overthrow the Islamic Revolution. 

He noted that the enemies were attempting to return Iran to before the Islamic Revolution and make it a milking cow like Saudi Arabia. 


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