Major General Mohammad Bagheri

Tehran (IP) - Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff appreciated the country’s medical society and stressed the armed forces spare no effort along with the medical staff to preserve the Iranian nation’s health.

Iran Press/Iran News: In a message on Monday 6 April, Major General Mohammad Bagheri expressed regret over the death of a number of Iranian citizens due to coronavirus infection, saying that the medical and treatment staff’s day-and-night hardworking to save the lives, has depicted unique scenes.

Major General Bagheri added that along with the medical and healthcare staff, the armed forces incorporated all of their capacity in different areas of the anti-coronavirus campaign, including medical activities, disinfecting public places and passages, screening, establishing field hospitals, rehabilitation centers and producing medical equipment.  

The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces also thanked the people of Iran for their cooperation with the hospital and healthcare centers as well as the dedicated doctors and nurses.


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