Tehran (IP)-The head of the Iranian delegation, present at the 18th meeting of the JCPOA Joint Commission, stated that “we have expressed our views logically in these talks, and we are firmly sticking to our views. Negotiations continue until Iran's expectations are met.”

Iran Press/Iran News: Araghchi said after the meeting of the Joint Commission of the JCPOA and in response to the question that "Kyodo News Agency quoted a senior Iranian official as saying that resistance in Washington against non-nuclear sanctions is the main obstacle to advancing the talks in Vienna?": Each side has its own positions. If these positions were consistent, there would be no need for so much negotiation. There are differences between the positions of the parties. This is the nature of any negotiation. Negotiation brings these positions closer together.

He noted: "Our job is to bring the positions of the two sides closer. It's hard work, it takes time, and everyone insists on their wishes and positions.

Iran's chief negotiator added: "What concerns us is that all sanctions should be lifted. All the sanctions imposed during the Donald Trump era and the sanctions that should be lifted according to the JCPOA, and if all these are lifted, our demands will be met, and the way will be opened for returning to the JCPOA.

In response to another question, "What does Iran mean by the complete lifting of sanctions?" he said, “The complete lifting of sanctions means that all the sanctions mentioned in the JCPOA must be lifted, and all the sanctions imposed in the last four years under Trump. These are the set of sanctions that we think should be lifted.

The head of the Iranian delegation present at the 18th meeting of the JCPOA Commission stated: “The previous US administration, to ruin the JCPOA and reach a better agreement, imposed a series of sanctions on Iran under various headings, all of which must be returned, because all of this was, in fact, somehow related to the JCPOA.


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