Tehran (IP) - The head of Pardis Technology Park announced the park sold anti-coronavirus products worth more than 5,000 billion Rials.

Iran PressIran News:  In an interview with Iran Press, Mehdi Safarinia noted that more than 26 companies of Pardis Technology Park were producing anti-coronavirus products, five of which were active in drug production.

Safarinia referred to Meem Medicine Producer Company as the first company obtained a license from the Food and Drug Administration today for its 'Saliravira' which reduced the symptoms of COVID-19 and also promisingly passed its trial phase successfully.

"Two companies of Pardis Technology Park were able to gain technical knowledge to produce vaccines one of which is equipping its production lines to enter the market," he added. 

Safarinia further said that 8 more companies entered their products into the market by providing the hospitals with anti-coronavirus equipment.

"Three companies also worked in the field of diagnostic kits and other devices to enter the market and reduce some of the country's problems," the official stated.

He pointed out that some of the Park's companies were active to produce disinfectants and masks, so, in the last two years, four companies have dedicated their production lines to produce materials for eradicating the virus.

According to Saffarnia 44 billion Tomans have been allocated to financing these companies.

The Iranian-made coronavirus medicine 'Saliravira' was unveiled at the Science and Technology Office in Tehran in the presence of the President of Pardis Technology Park Mehdi Safarinia and the Saliravira producer Reza Ramezani, on June 7, 2021.


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