Tehran (IP) - Amnesty International announced in a report that the Israeli regime's forces committed war crime against the Palestinian people in Gaza in May 2023. 

Iran PressCommentary: The Israeli regime imposed another war on the Palestinian nation in May 2023. The war took 5 days long during which the Palestinians people suffered human and non-human damage; 33 Palestinians, particularly the women and children, lost their lives and 150 others also were injured.  Also, 56 residential units were devastated and 940 others were damaged. 

While the UN Security Council in recognized as a body to protect the international peace and security, Amnesty International announced in a report about two months after the war that the Israeli regime has committed war crime against the Palestinian people.

The demolition of the Palestinians' homes as well as collective punishment of the civilians, are two crimes that Amnesty International pointed to. 

In its early May offensive on the occupied Gaza Strip, Israel unlawfully destroyed Palestinian homes, often without military necessity, in what amounts to a form of collective punishment against the civilian population, Amnesty International stated.

The report also highlighted the time of the Israeli attack as another dimension of the regime's war crime; as the report says the attacks were launched into densely populated urban areas at 2am when families were sleeping at home, which suggests that those who planned and authorized the attacks anticipated – and likely disregarded – the disproportionate harm to civilians.

Amnesty International has documented intentionally launching disproportionate attack a pattern in previous Israeli operations, calling it a war. 

Another important issue the Amnesty International stressed in the report was the termination of the blockade on Gaza: “The root cause of this unspeakable violence is Israel’s system of apartheid. This system must be dismantled, the blockade of the Gaza Strip immediately lifted, and those responsible for the crime of apartheid, war crimes and other crimes under international law must be held to account.”

As the report suggests, either the UNSC or the Attorney of International Criminal Court (ICC) can send the Israeli regime's crimes to the ICC to prepare the grounds for the investigation and punishment of the perpetrators, but not has so far been done in this regard. 
It is not the first time that an international body such as Amnesty International admits to the Israeli regime's war crime against the Palestinian nation. However, the admissions have not so far prevented the regime from perpetrating the crime, because they total lack enforcement and are just considered to be of rhetorical nature.  

Although the Palestinians welcome these reports, they believe that only resistance can slow down the Israeli regime's crimes against the people.


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