May 23, 2020 18:09 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 23, 2020 19:24 Asia/Tehran]
  • Venezuela: US military threat overshadows Iranian oil tankers

As the oil tankers carrying Iran's oil approach Venezuela's waters, the Venezuelan permanent representative to the United Nations in a letter to UN Secretary-General and the UNSC Chief warned against the US threat to initiate the military attack on Iranian oil tankers.

Iran Press/America: Venezuela's permanent representative to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, tweeted about the US military threat to Iranian tankers and shared a picture of his warning letter to the UN Security Council on his Twitter page.

The letter said the Venezuelan government was warning of the imminent threat of US military strikes on Iranian oil tankers.

"The unilateral sanctions imposed by the Donald Trump administration are preventing Venezuela from obtaining basic consumables in order to refine crude oil and turn it into fuel," Moncada said in the letter.

In addition, US officials have repeatedly admitted to putting pressure on companies to cut off Venezuelan fuel supplies.

Referring to the "maximum pressure" of the United States on Venezuela and Washington's heavy sanctions on Iran, Moncada said: "US actions are a clear example of violations of international law and interference in the sovereignty of other independent states."

In the letter, Moncada called on the United Nations to take the necessary measures to end the "hostile and criminal policies" of the Trump administration as soon as possible so that peace, security, and stability can replace US tensions in the region.

According to the latest published sea map, Iranian oil tankers carrying Iranian fuel to Venezuela will reach the country's waters in less than 10 hours (early Sunday morning Tehran time).



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