Tehan(IP)- Regarding the Corona pandemic, the interior minister said that although the general situation in Iran was reported to be good, it should not be neglected.

Iran Press/Iran news:  Ahmad Vahidi,  the Interior Minister, this afternoon (Tuesday), at the end of the meeting of the National Task Force for Combating Corona, added: " The increase in the number of corona contracting in some neighboring countries has raised the sensitivity of members of the Task Force present at the meeting, and new decisions and policies have been approved."

The Interior Minister said that the meeting also discussed the medical issues of the pilgrims sent to Saudi Arabia and the Arbaeen pilgrims, and it was decided to make the necessary predictions.

Ahmad Vahidi, meanwhile, said that necessary coordination had been made with Saudi hospitals and that no specific problems had been reported regarding the health of Iranian pilgrims.

Regarding the latest approval on the need to wear masks, the interior minister said that Iranians should continue to wear masks indoors.


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