President Ashraf Ghani, who escaped from Afghanistan, was hospitalized in a hospital in Abu Dhabi.

Iran PressMiddle East: The former adviser to the Afghan Foreign Ministry, Fahriddin Garizadeh, said: "There have been reports of the deteriorating health of the former Afghan president, who is in Abu Dhabi. According to a number of diplomatic sources, Ghani was sent to one of the hospitals for treatment a few hours ago."

What exactly is the deterioration of Ghani’s health is not reported.

Meanwhile, BBC journalist Kawoon Khamoosh reported that as the Taliban laid siege to Afghanistan's capital, Ashraf Ghani took with him $169 million in cash to fled the country.

"Afghan ambassador in Tajikistan says Ashraf Ghani escaped with bags full of 169 million US dollars when Kabul was falling," Kawoon Khamoosh said.

A Russian news agency had previously reported the president fled the country "with four cars and a helicopter full of cash," says Reuters, but it appears the actual monetary amount was, at the time, not yet known.


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