Abuja (IP): The Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) has called on the governor of Kano State to drop the baseless allegations against Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasir Kabara, a prominent cleric, and release him from prison.

Iran PressAfrica: The Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) said in a statement on Monday that the Nigerian constitution guarantees the right of its citizens to choose their religion.

Sheikh Abdul Jabbar's rights are guaranteed in the Nigerian constitution, including the right to freedom of religion and conscience and freedom of worship and education, the statement said.

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) said that the arrest and indictment of Sheikh Abdul Jabbar by the Kano government violated the Nigerian constitution and was condemned by the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

The government of the state of Kano in northern Nigeria has arrested Sheikh Abdul Jabbar Nasir Kabara, a well-known cleric in the country.

This Nigerian cleric believes that Imam Ali (AS) and other Shia Imams are the true leaders of Islam.


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