Tehran (IP)- The spokeswoman for the Iran Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education said that so far, 2, 029, 412 people in the country have been definitively infected with the coronavirus.

Iran PressIran News: Sima Sadat Lari on Friday said about the latest statistics of definite cases of coronavirus and deaths due to COVID-19 in the country: "From yesterday to today (April 9, 2021) and according to definitive diagnostic criteria, 22, 478 patients with COVID-19 were identified in the country, of which 2,567 were hospitalized. With this account, the total number of COVID-19 patients in the country reached 2 million 29, 412 people.

The official stated: "Unfortunately, during the last 24 hours, 155 COVID-19 patients lost their lives and the total number of deaths from this disease reached 64,039."

"Fortunately, 1,693,05 patients have recovered or been discharged from hospitals," Lari said, adding: "4,278 patients with COVID-19 are being cared for in the intensive care units of hospitals."

Iran Health Minister Spokeswoman went on to say: "So far, 13, 494, 296 tests of COVID-19 have been performed in the country.

Lari stated: "At present, 257 cities are in red and 129 cities are in orange zones, and according to the approvals of the National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus, traveling "from" and "to" cities with red and orange status is prohibited."

The official underlined: "Also, 51 cities are in yellow and only 11 cities are in blue zones."



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