Tehran (IP) – Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for International and Legal Affairs says Iran has fulfilled all its obligations according to international law in the wake of the Ukrainian plane's crash, noting that the Islamic Republic will not accept any pressure or threat and will respond to the slightest unilateral action through legitimate, legal, and diplomatic means.

Iran Press/Iran News: In response to the media statements of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister and his Deputy, Mohsen Baharvand stated: "We see and pay attention to the statements of our Ukrainian colleagues in the media, but sometimes we do not understand the reason for some non-constructive comments."

He noted that Iran's Civil Aviation Organization had provided the incident investigation team's technical report to the relevant countries and ICAO in due time and had published it for public information.

He pointed out that the culprits had been identified, and an indictment had been issued for 10 people, noting that the survivors' compensation budget had been funded by the government and was ready to be paid.

Baharvand stated that the compensation was more than seven times the contractual obligation of Iran under the Warsaw Convention, and the Iranian government, to make the amount fair, had taken into account the international procedures for determining the compensation.

"Unfortunately, we still hear unusual statements from Canadian government officials that are not supported by the legal logic and are not acceptable; also, in some of the Ukrainian colleagues' comments, there are baseless threats for legal action and the like," he said.

He underlined that Iran had fulfilled all its duties according to international law and would continue to do so until the end and is not afraid of any possible rhetoric or action. 101/216

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