Tehran (IP) - In a statement, the Iranian President's office of the committee of support for the Palestinian nation's Islamic Revolution condemned Bahrain's appointment of an ambassador to occupied Palestine, calling it "From Deal of the Century to Dean of Espionage of the Century".

Iran PressIran News: The statement published on Sunday said the betrayer government of Bahrain out of weakness and humiliation appointed an ambassador to the occupied territories of Palestine in a treacherous act. 

The committee stated that such an action would lead to the formation of terrorist outfits, the realization of the sinister goals of Takfiri terrorist groups, the creation of insecurity at the current critical time, and the disruption of friendly relations between West Asian countries.

The statement added that no doubt the betrayal of the cause of the Holy Quds would cause the collapse and elimination of the Israeli regime and its bosses not only in the region but also in the world.