Tehran (IP) - Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh stated that there is no room for new negotiations regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) by the next US Administration.

Iran PressIran news: Khatibzadeh said about US President-elect Joe Biden's conditions with regard to JCPOA: "We have no regard for what Biden's advisors say. Electoral debates think tanks, etc. cannot be the basis of judgment. What Iran has repeatedly stated is that the JCPOA has been the result of a long dialogue not between Iran and the United States but between Iran and the five members of the Security Council and Germany, which has become a binding international resolution by Resolution 2231. No one can talk about the JCPOA and open what has been signed, agreed upon, and sealed.

He added: "Iran has repeatedly stated that the JCPOA is something of the past and cannot be reopened by anyone. The United States has violated UNSCR 2231 and has inflicted heavy losses on Iran, holding the United States responsible for its withdrawal, and Iran is in a position to demand that the United States be held accountable for its violation of international law and its behavior against the Iranian people.

The spokesman about the failure of the maximum pressure and its message for Biden noted: "The message was heard in Washington and the American people and the world have expressed their opinion. A government came to power in the United States and destroyed all international norms. It withdrew from dozens of international treaties."

Regarding Iran-US relations, he said: "The Donald Trump administration has gone in a very wrong direction over the past few years and the maximum pressure has reached the maximum failure. After the martyrdom of General Soleimani, Iran resorted to the necessary reactions. Only the language of peace and respect responds to the dignity and civilized people of Iran. It is still time for them to step back from failed policies and the inhuman legacy of the United States and the charlatans and bankrupts who are giving recommendations to the current US administration, and we are looking closely at the actions and words of the future US administration.

"We have to rely solely on the inside, and the only solutions are inside, and let the logical path of decision-making move forward, and the most dangerous thing is to look at foreign policy from the outside," he said.

Asked whether Iran had been contacted before and after Biden's victory, the diplomat said: "No. The government has not come to power yet, and the US government should come to power in January, and then we will make our decisions based on the new conditions and environment, and first, we must see where the US government is going, and the actions are important, not the words and messages.

Khatibzadeh, in response to a question about the decision of the Iraqi parliament to investigate the assassination of General Soleimani, said: "We do not regard any presidential immunity for the perpetrators. Those who ordered the assentation and perpetrators have always been, are, and will be on our prosecution list. Our judiciary is completing the judicial cases, and they must answer to justice and be accountable for the assassination.

He added: "We had very close cooperation with different departments of the Iraqi government and the Iraqi government is responsible for accountability and this is an open case and has various overt and covert dimensions and is at the forefront of Iran's pursuits and will continue until the outcome of these pursuits is reached."


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