Abuja (IP) - In a message of condolences, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, honored the late Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. Sheikh Zakzaky stated that President Raisi’s tenure showcased the diminishing hegemonic power of the United States and its inability to safeguard itself or its ally, Israel, from the concerted efforts of the Axis of Resistance.

Iran PressAfrica: Sheikh Zakzaky expressed his profound sorrow over the tragic loss of President Raisi, who he referred to as a devoted servant of Allah. This tragedy extended to several other Iranian leaders and was felt deeply across the Axis of Resistance, which includes nations and groups allied against Western hegemony and Israeli actions in the region.

He highlighted a pivotal moment under President Raisi’s leadership during Iran's annual military parade. President Raisi had issued a stern warning that any minor aggression by Israel against Iran’s interests in Syria would elicit a severe response. This vow was not merely rhetorical; it was demonstrated when Iran responded decisively to Israeli provocations, thereby challenging the narrative of invincibility that often surrounds Western and Israeli military prowess.

Further emphasizing the strategic military capabilities of Iran, Sheikh Zakzaky recalled past incidents where Iran's military effectively targeted American bases in Iraq, despite their advanced defense systems. He noted a recent operation on April 13, 2024, as a clear instance where Iran’s military strength was displayed, striking deep within Israeli territory in retaliation to aggressions, proving that neither the U.S. nor Israel could deter or contain Iran’s military responses.

Reflecting on Iran’s resilience, Sheikh Zakzaky drew historical parallels, pointing out that Iran has grown stronger in the face of adversity—whether from the assassination of key figures like Mohammad Ali Rajai and Qasem Soleimani or the passing of leaders like Imam Khomeini. Each event, he remarked, has only fortified Iran and the Axis of Resistance, likening these moments of loss to a nurturing force that strengthens the resolve of the oppressed, much like fertilizer encourages the growth of crops.

In his address, Sheikh Zakzaky not only mourned the loss of a key figure but also underscored a powerful narrative of resilience and defiance in the face of external pressures, portraying the martyrdom of President Raisi as a catalyst that will inevitably fortify Iran and its allies.