Semnan(IP): The Iranian President called Operation True Promise a necessary measure, a source of unity and pride, and the authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Addressing the people from different walks of life in Damghan City, Semnan Province on Friday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said: "Operation True Promise  has been a necessary measure, source of unity and pride and the   authority  of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Iran's President said: "On behalf of the great nation and the powerful armed forces of the country, I say that if the enemy makes a mistake again and tries to make the slightest aggression on the territory and interests of Islamic Iran, the enemy should know that they will receive such a response that would be regretful."

In the next part of his speech, Iran's president stated that the people of Iran have lofty goals despite all the enmity they have faced, and the reason for the enmity with this nation is that they have stood against the colonialism and arrogance of the world as well as supporting the cause of Palestinian freedom.

Raisi said: "Today, after 45 years, all the Islamic Ummah and the whole world have realized the truth of Iranians in defense of Palestine and opposition to the Zionist regime."

The president stated that the US and the Zionist regime thought that it was possible to harm Islamic Iran and therefore they dared to attack Iran's soil and interests, adding: "The Islamic Republic and the nation of Iran first tried to stop them from this attack and oppression, but when they committed this crime, they should have been punished and the great nation of Iran punished them."

The president stated: "In face-to-face and telephone negotiations with some Western countries, I have said that they should not try to use the language of force to speak to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian nation, the Iranian nation has rationality, resourcefulness, logic, and speech, and the era of coercion is over."

Iran' President emphasized that the great nation of Iran and the statesmen of Islamic Iran will stand in front of enemies with strength and power. 219