Tehran (IP) - On Friday morning Apr. 19, 2024, the news quickly came to the top of the Western and Arab media about the attack of the Zionist regime inside the Iranian territory.

Iran Press/Iran news: Some of the US officials who, as usual, announced unreliable information to the media in an anonymous form, have informed the US CBS, ABC and CNN networks that Israeli ballistic missiles have targeted targets in Iran.

However, with a little search in Iran's domestic media and the images broadcast from Isfahan, it became clear that despite the few limited explosions that have been heard and the official Iranian authorities have declared it to be the result of Iran's air defense response to some unidentified small birds, people of Isfahan is dealing with their daily life and there is no trace of damage caused by the collision of ballistic missiles!.

Now, why do most of the Western and the US media, and of course the Arab media such as Al Jazeera English, report about Israel's missile attacks, while there is no reliable news about these attacks, it reveals the fact that the Western media and some Arab media By fueling the psychological war against the Islamic Republic of Iran, they seek to magnify the attack of three quadcopters in the sky of Isfahan, all three of which were shot down by air defense. 219

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