Berlin(IP): Hundreds of supporters of Palestine in Berlin, the capital of Germany, expressed their solidarity with the Palestinians in the fifth month of brutal attacks by the Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip.

Iran Press/Europe: According to Iranpress, the people and supporters of Palestine held an anti-Zionist rally in central Berlin on Saturday evening, condemned the crimes of the Israeli regime in the Gaza Strip and demanded an immediate ceasefire in this besieged Palestinian area.

In this anti-Israeli rally, the supporters of Palestine chanted the slogan "Freedom of Palestine" and "Stop the Genocide of Palestinians" in the Gaza Strip and also condemned Germany's support for the Israeli regime.

Supporters of Palestine in Berlin once again expressed their sympathy with the Palestinians through the symbolic display of the coffins of the Palestinian martyrs and the targeting of the innocent people of the Gaza Strip.

The participants in the anti-Zionist rally in the German capital emphasized that they will continue to hold rallies and march in solidarity with Palestine until the war stops and a ceasefire is established in the Gaza Strip. 219

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