Tehran (IP) - Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, Commander of the Iranian Navy, disclosed pivotal details surrounding the imminent deployment of the Deilaman destroyer in the Caspian Sea. Emphasizing the strategic significance of this move, the admiral highlighted the vessel's dual role in ensuring maritime safety and enhancing naval training capabilities.

Iran PressIran news: Addressing the reporters on Friday Admiral Irani underscored the unique conditions of the Caspian Sea, stating, "The Caspian Sea is a sea of peace and friendship."

Deilaman destroyer will be added to Iran's Northern waters to achieve two objectives. The primary focus is the assurance of shipping safety, a necessity given the specific environmental challenges of the Caspian Sea.

"Moreover, the admiral expounded on the role of the Deilaman destroyer in fostering the skills of naval students, noting, "Since all the naval training centers are in the north of the country, a vessel should be present in the Caspian Sea to improve the students' skills."

Providing insights into the Deilaman destroyer's capabilities, Admiral Irani detailed, "The Deilaman destroyer is the latest model of the Jamaran class, but its equipment has been updated in accordance with the experiences of the 86th flotilla of the Navy, and it can play a role as a powerful vessel in the fields of detection, interception, and rescue."

In addition to the deployment announcement, the Iranian Navy Commander discussed upcoming naval exercises in the North Indian Ocean.

Admiral Irani revealed plans for two significant exercises in the south – a rescue and relief operation in collaboration with Oman, inviting participation from other nations, and a sustainable security exercise expanding its reach to encompass more countries from various continents.

The scope of these exercises, according to Admiral Irani, is set to extend across the northern Indian Ocean, reflecting Iran's commitment to fostering international cooperation in maritime security.

As the Deilaman destroyer prepares to join the naval force, its role in these exercises underscores Iran's dedication to enhancing regional stability and strengthening maritime capabilities.


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