Chairman of Palestine Support Committee:

Tehran (IP) - The head of the Presidential Committee for the Support of the Islamic Revolution of the Palestinian People said that media imperialism always tries to make the issues of Palestine look upside down and introduce the oppressed instead of the oppressor.

Iran PressIran news: Ayatollah Akhtari, who was speaking at the press conference of the 6th International Solidarity Summit with Palestinian children and Youth, said: "The Palestinian people pay a price, become martyrs and their houses are destroyed, but those media talk about an Israeli who has been attacked."

He went on to say that some are looking for normalization of relations with Israel. How can we establish a relationship with an occupying regime, unless that regime has stopped its crimes? Those who are looking for normalization should clarify how they want to normalize with the occupying regime, Akhtari said, adding: "They want to support Palestine or get help from this regime for themselves, which is too weak to help them against their own people." He called the normalization a stab at the Palestinians and the resistance.

Akhtari termed Israel as a cancerous tumor and said: "This tumor can be removed, and the solution to the problems of the Muslim world and the Palestinian people is to eradicate this cancerous tumor, and God willing, it will come true."

In the following, AbulGhasem Rahimian, the secretary of the 6th International Solidarity Summit with Palestinian Children said: "Our main meeting will be held on Saturday at 10:00 AM in Arasbaran Cultural House, and I hope we can convey the message of the oppression of Palestinians to the world."

He added: "Guests from twenty countries have come to Tehran. These countries are increasing and the meeting will begin with the presence of eighty political figures, media, and non-governmental organizations."


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