Palestine (IP) - Despite the Israeli-imposed restrictions, thousands of Palestinians performed the prayer of Eid Al-Adha Day in Al-Aqsa Mosque in Al-Quds on Sunday.

Iran Press/ West Asia: About 40,000 Palestinians attended the court of Al-Aqsa Mosque on Sunday early morning and performed the Eid Al-Adha prayer. 

Eid al-Adha prayer was also performed in the Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil with the presence of Palestinians.

Yet, in the war-torn Gaza Strip, besides the rubble and destroyed homes, the people of Palestine performed the elegant prayer. 

The Gaza Strip has been under the Israeli regime's all-out genocidal war since October 7, 2023; Over 37,000 Palestinians have so far been martyred and more than 85,000 others have been injured, yet the people have kept their soul of resistance against the West-backed Israeli regime.  

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