Tehran (IP) - The Minister of Environment of the Democratic Republic of Congo on the second day of the international summit on dealing with sand and dust storms said: Iran has a strategic role in dealing with dust storms.

Iran PressIran news: Eva Bazaiba, the Minister of Environment of the Democratic Republic of the Congo added: The practical measures must be taken to deal with the phenomena that endanger the environment. Scientists have warned about the environmental conditions in different parts of the world and we should not be indifferent to the issue.

He added: Africa is only responsible for 4% of the world's pollution and 80% of the pollution is done by the G20 countries. Although there are 55 million hectares of the world's forests in our country and we have the highest amount of carbon dioxide absorption, we have become victims of environmental pollution in the world.

He emphasized: "Political will in the world is necessary to deal with climate change and dust storms, and we all must take effective steps against these changes. It is also very important to launch a common fund in this regard."

"Kazu Toshi Aikawa - Japan's ambassador to Iran - in this meeting, emphasizing that we support Iran's measures in environmental issues, including dealing with dust storms, said: holding the meeting to deal with dust will bring effective results.

He further stated that regional and international cooperation is very important to deal with dust storms, and the active participation of many countries in today's summit confirms the fact.

Emphasizing that we support Iran's actions in dealing with dust storms, Kazutoshi said: In 2014, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Japan's environment, and we have sought to hold joint workshops and technical meetings.

The Japanese ambassador to Iran stated that dust storms have caused many diseases to people and said: The Japanese government has committed to allocate one billion dollars to deal with the storm, and we will increase this amount every year.

In the end, Kazutoshi pointed out that the proposed resolution proposed in this meeting regarding preventive measures and cooperation to deal with dust storms is very important, and holding such a meeting in Iran can bring effective results for the protection of the environment.


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