Tehran (IP) - A commemoration ceremony was held for the martyrs of June 28, 1981, terrorist attack in Tehran, which coincided with the martyrdom anniversary of the 9th Imam of the world's Shia, Imam Jawad (AS).

Iran Press / Iran News:  Performing songs, drawing portray of the martyrs, and delivering speeches were among the programs in the ceremony. 

The explosion of the office of the Islamic Republic Party by the terrorist organization of the Mojahedin Khalq (MKO) on July 28th, 1981, led to the martyrdom of Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti and 72 of his companions.

On the occasion of the martyrdom of Ayatollah Beheshti and 72 of his companions, the first week of July has been named Judiciary Week in Iran.

Ayatollah Beheshti was the then Chief of Iran's High Court and one of those compiling the country's Constitution.


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