Tehran(IP)- The sixth session of the Assembly of Experts commenced with the reading of the message from the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in the presence of the Speaker of Parliament, the Head of Judiciary, and several ministers.

Iran Press/Iran News: The Assembly of Experts, also translated as the Assembly of Experts of the Leadership or as the Council of Experts, is the deliberative body empowered to appoint the Supreme Leader of Iran. All directly elected members must first be vetted by the Guardian Council. 

In his address, the Leader referred to the Assembly as a cornerstone of Islamic democracy, emphasizing the integration of Quranic and Islamic knowledge in shaping "Sharia and rationality," as well as "unseen and intuition."

He urged global consciousness to acknowledge the stark realities posed by anti-religious systems or superficial religious ideologies, highlighting the intricate yet compelling framework of Islamic governance.

A moment of remembrance was observed for former President Ebrahim Raisi and Tabriz's representative, both esteemed members of this assembly. Following the message reading, the Board of Directors (comprising Ayatollah Mohadi Kermani, Ayatollah Vafi, Ayatollah Fallah, and Ayatollah Bayati) assumed their positions. Ayatollah Madrasi presented a report on the expert election process.

The inauguration ceremony for new members marked the conclusion of the opening session for the sixth term of the Assembly of Leadership Experts.


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