Tehran (IP) - 'Layers of Lie' was one of the works screened on the third day of the 40th edition of the Fajr Film Festival, about which the cast talked to Iran Press.

Iran PressIran news: Ramin Sohrab, the director, complained about the low budget allocated to the move, attributing the weaknesses of the movie to the financial issue. 

Sohrab highlighted the Action genre of 'Layers of Lie' and told IP: "Attending the festival helps us make films in Iran as well as abroad." The director stated that 50% of people enjoyed the film after its release and that they would defend the film against criticism.

Meanwhile, Majid Saeedi, an actor of the film, told the IP correspondent that the action genre is a fledgling one in Iran to which if attention were paid, good things would happen. 

He noted that different genres, including action, must be presented in the Iranian cinema's arena so that it could attract viewers. 

Arsalan Ghasemi, another actor of 'Lie Layers', pointed criticisms to the film, and noted that one should not look only at the negative aspects of the film and that it should be compared to action films, not comedy or drama films.

Ghasemi said 'Lie Layer' could pave the way for making more action films in the country.


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