US protests:

Nine people have been injured -- including four who were stabbed -- and at least 23 arrests have been made during a volatile night of clashes between supporters of US President and counterprotesters in Washington, D.C.

Iran PressAmerica: Saturday night's chaotic scenes follow a day of rallies that brought crowds of US President Donald Trump supporters to town. In the late afternoon, police said that beyond minor scuffles, there had been no major acts of violence or criminal activity as of late afternoon.

After sunset, however, tense moments began to unfold, with sporadic clashes breaking out between Trump supporters and counterprotesters. Officers attempted to keep members from opposing groups separated.

The Trump administration has so far refused to concede the results of the 2020 election and has delayed the transition process, citing witness accounts of fraud and voter irregularities, including ballots cast by deceased voters and possible Dominion voting system glitches.


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